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Hi, thanks for your interest in our program at Cold Cutters!

We're excited that you've taken this first step in applying for your new career.


Steps to Enroll:

1. First Schedule an appointment to book a school tour or set up a meeting over the phone with the admissions director.

2. Second Step we will email you an Admission Enrollment form to fill out and you will have to upload your State Id. or driver’s license and High School Diploma or Ged.

3. Third Step we will email you a Student Enrollment Agreement Form to fill out.

4. Fourth Step we will email you a link to pay your student deposit payment.

5. Fifth Step We will order your books and kit that will take 2 weeks for the books to come in.

6. Classes start every Tuesday after the Student Deposit is paid and you will start within seven to ten business days on that upcoming Tuesday.


If you're interested in booking a tour of our school or setting up a meeting over the phone with the admissions director please click this link below:



Please visit the website for more information.


Student program course information



Instructor program course information


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